Gender Blessed Ancestors

Interessantes Konzept: Gender Blessed Ancestors

Aus dem Podcast von Alex Iantaffi:

Alex Iantaffi interviews Dr. Pavini Moray (pronoun: Pe), a somatic sex therapist in private practice, about changing pe’s gender marker in California, erotic liberation, ancestral healing and gender blessed ancestors. Working through a trauma-informed, pleasure-centric lens, Pavini works with individuals and couples who wish to resolve the past, inhabit their bodies and their pleasure, and learn to speak their desires. Pavini hosts the podcasts “Bespoken Bones: Ancestors at the crossroads of sex, magick, and science” and, launching in September 2019, “The Well-Pleasured Podcast.” As a queer trans witch, Pavini walks the glitter path of dancing bones, ridiculous delight and old magick.

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