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Bücher, die etwas zu erzählen haben über die Zusammenhänge zwischen Trans* und Spiritualität gibt es verschiedene. Wir haben ein paar davon zusammengestellt.

Gerne nehmen wir deine Anregungen entgegen, um diese Liste weiter anzureichern.

«If we do nothing more than allow people to look beyond binary thinking, we will have made an enormous contribution to the evolution of the species».
– Raven Kaldera

Liste Bücher

Androgyny: The opposites within

Humanity has always been aware of the fundamental duality in the universe. In Androgyny, Singer interprets the many aspects of human existence in light of the interaction of male and female principles in every individual, as well as the collective to which we belong. Androgyny is of vital interest to anyone concerned with the problem of gender and gender relations in comtemporary society.

Singer, June (2004). Androgyny: The opposites within. Hays (Nicolas) Ltd.
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The Choice: Reminders to Myself

«I’ve come to love the shifting balances of the being that I am, the mixture of feminine and masculine that is me, because now I have come to letting them form their own balance, I am balanced, I know who I am behind the roles, projections and fantasies that came with a rigid sense of gender.»

West, Persia (2012). The Choice: Reminders to Myself. PersiaWestWords.
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Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook

This revised and expanded edition of Hermaphrodeities features third gender myths, deities, personal and group exercises, community service project suggestions, rituals, and interviews with people from all over the transgender spectrum. We are all sacred and it is time that the world knew it.

Kaldera, Raven (2008). Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook. Asphodel Press.
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Queer Paganism

Introduction to paganism for anyone who doesn’t define along the standard gender or sexual norms. «This book addresses the issues raised by traditional hetero- cis- normative pagan views and shows a way for anyone who describes themselves as queer to get involved in a spirituality that is inclusive.»

Green, Jo (2016). Queer Paganism. A spirituality that embraces all identities. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
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Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Gender & Sexuality

In Soul Sex, the author offers a buffet of perspectives on gender, sexuality, and identity including biological, sociological, and psychological influences with an emphasis on spiritual impacts. The author draws on years of research and personal experience to create the broadest perspective of gender and sexual identity compiled in one volume.

Drake Bear, Stephen (2015). Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Gender & Sexuality.
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Transcending: Trans Buddhist voices

Transcending brings together more than thirty contributors from both the Mahayana and Theravada traditions to present a vision for a truly inclusive trans Buddhist sangha in the twenty-first century. Shining a light on a new generation of Buddhist role models, this book gives voice to those who have long been marginalized within the Buddhist world and society at large. While trans, genderqueer, and nonbinary practitioners have experienced empowerment and healing through their commitment to the Buddha, dharma, and sangha, they also share their experiences of isolation, transphobia, and aggression.

Manders, K., & Marston, E. (Hrsg.). (2019). Transcending: Trans Buddhist voices. North Atlantic Books.
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Transgender Spirituality: Man into Goddess

This book presents a historical survey of male transgenderism in spiritual life – including biographies of well-known figures who used their crossed-sex identification as vehicles for worship and self-discovery. It also discusses ways for the transgender male to turn his yearning for sexual transformation into a powerful tool for spiritual transformation – to turn what may be seen by some as a curse or abnormality into a blessing.

Bhava, Sakhi (2012). Transgender Spirituality: Man into Goddess. Self-published book.
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Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex

Based entirely upon authentic Sanskrit references and modern concurring facts, the book guides us through the original Hindu concept of a «third sex» (defined as homosexuals, transgenders and the intersexed), how such people were constructively incorporated into ancient Indian society, and how foreign influences eventually eroded away that noble system. It discusses how this concept can be practically applied in today’s modern world, the importance of all-inclusiveness in human society, and the spiritual principle of learning to transcend material designations altogether.
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Wilhelm, Amara Das (2010). Tritiya-Prakriti: people of the third sex: understanding homosexuality, transgender identity, and intersex conditions through Hinduism. Philadelphia, Pa: Xlibris.
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